Monday, 14 September 2015

Gujarat Diaries

Went on a trip to Gujarat on the 8th of September 2015 to learn more about the CBR that is functioning in its rural area - Sayla. These are some of the images I came back with. These images were taken while meeting with the villagers to discuss on the SHGs and other related topics. Due to time constraint, I was not able to focus on any particular issue to document as I would want to. However, here's to Gujarat and the lovely people over there. 

Monday, 4 November 2013

Being a Tribal

Being a Tribal ~ Lallian Valte

Ever wondered what could happen if you were born to a different parent? In some forest to a family of Tribal, who let alone bore the status but are also marginalised? 

I never really understood the concept of marginalization. Why is it there in the first place anyway?  I know a few about being a Tribal though.  I for one which I believe I am proud of.  The places where I come from constitute a larger dominion of Tribes.  We enjoy the diverse culture and traditions that has been preserved and uphold for generations.  But my visit to Wayanad in Kerala had me intrigue myself. I enjoy all the benefits in the law book. But this group of people here are ‘Marginalized’. Which simply means they are powerless? It got me thinking, why is that so? For, I on the other hand a Tribal myself have the chance to pursue my dreams? 

Rajiv (18) was the guide around the village.

17 years old wife of Rajiv.

We are all human at the end of the day aren’t we? I don’t think we have the authority to put down or put away people simply because they are not as fortunate as us. 

Like it has always been said ~ Live and Let Live. 

All Photographs owned by Lallian Valte

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Goa happened!

Goa, the Las Vegas or the Miami or whatever you call it, has to be one of the most relaxing place with awesome food, sand, water, people and parties! yea PARTIES. Weekend trips are fun and that was exactly what i did.

The Ice Cream Man

Lady Spring

Goa happened, and I will definitely go back to relive the fun!

Photos By -  Lallian Valte 2012

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

My Month July

Thirtieth July Twenty Thirteen

As i sit down to pen this blog, i realized I'm in between my grandparent's 64th wedding anniversary and my mom's birthday/. That's tomorrow.  

July now what can i say? It was Fun. Stating off with a weekend holiday trip to Manipur to celebrate my Parent's 25th wedding anniversary, actually having the guts to sing a song, i knew it was gonna be good! I realized how it feels to be blessed with a family so loving. Thank God for that! You know, you should always thank God for everything He has done for you. Good or bad, that's what's best for you. Hard it is, i know... Blessings do come in disguise sometimes! Talking of which, i got in to a fight with my girl twice. hmm.. but did i realize that it only got me loving her more. I retrospect on a lot of things. I believe its the one way you can learn on your own mistakes. 

With college and assignments and fieldwork and all that, my month was filled. Barely had any time to indulge myself. I've come across so many life touching episodes where i learned the importance of being able and responsible from various people and their works. But work hard and play harder they say don't they? Although i left the partying scene for a long time now, i got the chance to witness the Bangalore Fashion Week by Blender's Pride. It was very exciting to actually see all the lovely people. Gives you all the more reason to hate yourself. :D Seriously though, It was great to experience the life of elites.

Well that was my July. I moved in to a larger apartment with a roommate who is a brother and a friend. 

August will be here in a day and I'm already to welcome it. 

Lallian Valte.

Monday, 29 July 2013

Being at The BFW 2013

 The Bangalore Fashion Week 2013 was a great show to add to the list. Thanks to Gia Haobam for that! Well, because of certain reasons i wasn't able to capture the other shows; there i missed to get a shot of Mugdha Godse who walked the runway for the earlier designer. But The Kingfisher Ultra allowed me to sit with the media for the grand finale by Arjun Khanna. I don't much understand the clothes, but everything was all so interesting. The after party hosted by Kingfisher Ultra was fun. Celebs, Models, Socialites and the 'us' were everywhere. Here are a couple of shots from Arjun Khanna. I know, the leggy lasses are missing this time :)

Sunday, 28 July 2013

Man In The Shadow

 I was at the Kingfisher Ultra After Party for Bangalore Fashion Week 2013 yesterday and was literally awed in a lot of ways. I was standing there grooving to the music at the dance floor when i saw this image in my head; i had to click some monochrome silhouettes. This is what i got.

Man In The Shadow

Saturday, 22 June 2013

Dash Of Classic

Gia Haobam @ DashOfClassic
Dash Of Classic owned and managed by Gia Haobam, is the first ever collaboration i have done in my venture.  It brought the creativity out of me every time i get to shoot for the blog. She is a fashion blogger from Manipur, India currently residing in Bangalore.
Every shoot is a learning experience for both parties as we're amateurs pursuing our hobbies into a larger perspective. I gotta say i have learned a lot from our collaboration. :)